Learn how to use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and how they will benefit You and Your Family.

A Touch of Oil was developed to educate you on how to use essential oils in your everyday life. We will teach you the best ways to use essential oils on your family and friends. Over the past 20 years we have helped many people just like you understand the benefits of essential oils if you use them regularly.

You can use essential oils on your family, friends, children and your pets. In our Home remedies section you can also see recipes that we have used on our family’s for many years. We cover many common uses like using aromatherapy for Acne, First Aid, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety & StressWeight Loss and many more.

We also Teach you how to use Aromatherapy on your Children. We including access to our dilution chart for SAFE applications. We created it so you can rest assured that you are giving your children the correct dilution every time.

We are also developing a Pet Section for our beloved Animal friends. You will learn how to properly apply essential oils on your loving Pets to heal them and  also prevent common pests. We think you will love some of the products we are releasing soon.

You should definitely take a look at some of the cool things we have listed on our Products page! We only recommend products that we have tested and love. We also have listed some useful books and educational material to help you in your quest to learn more about essential oils.

Also stay tuned as we will soon be starting our Aromatherapy Webinars ! We are very excited about this new addition to A Touch Of Oil! We will cover many topics from beginner to advanced uses for essential oils.

When you have time stop by our Blog to learn about the latest and greatest information regarding Aromatherapy and Essential Oils. We talk about the history of essential oils and our favorite Aromatherapy recipes you can use at home.

You have our personal guarantee that we will help you learn about essential oils in way that you will benefit the most from them. We will continue to update this site as we release new content regularly.

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Ultimately our goal is to empower YOU, the individual, through proper instruction, to safely and effectively incorporate Aromatherapy and the use of 100% pure Therapeutic-grade essential oils into your daily life to arm yourself against the damaging health effects of today’s world.

We firmly believe that only by taking care of the whole person can complete physical, emotional, and spiritual healing occur. A Touch of Oil offers you a “back to basics”, natural approach to a healthier lifestyle.

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